The Yoni-Book

Editorial Design · Illustration

This first handbook of an upcoming series will show how to create a safe space and how to give a conscious and tantric touch to a body with female attributes.

Literally getting »in touch« with others sometimes needs a little bit of a guidance. Nicolas Deru is a long-experienced tantric masseur and bodyworker who is giving massages, workshops, coachings and formations about the topics of tantric touch, tao-practices as well as communication and consent with his enterprise »La Voie du plaisir«. His experience and creativity is generating the content of this book, which you can pre-order via Mail at

Back to the roots

This project allows me to come back to my origin: The analog experimental drawing, painting and printing-process. Which technique represents the topic best? Which formal language will touch the recipient and transports a message of poesie – as the tantric touch itself is poesie that doesn´t need any words.


This handbook has about 80 pages and the first edition will be published as a digital version. More than 20 illustrations and pictures are explaining how to build a spafe space for a massage, how to communicate with your partner and how to touch a Yoni (sanskrit for a female genital) in a caring and consentual way.



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